February 6, 2010

Please Explain

I bought a pair of jeans from The Gap a few weeks ago. According to said jeans, they are 30/10r Boot Cut. Translation: 30 inch waist. Size 10. Regular length inseam. Boot cut style. (Sidenote: I can't belive I just published my size on the Internet.) I absolutely love these jeans and the way they fit me. When I bought these jeans The Gap gave me a $20 off gift card to use anytime during the month of January toward my next purchase. Well I'm starting a new job in a week, and this new job comes with a more casual work environment. My present work is not casual, so I decided I needed another pair of work pants, AKA jeans.

On Thursday, I marched back over to The Gap Michagan Ave store and browsed their racks once again for a pair of jeans. Unfortunately I couldn't remember the size I bought last time, so I grabbed any approximation of what I thought might be my size. And it's a good thing I did.

The pair I came home with is a 29/8r Long and Lean Cut. I also tried on a 30/10a Boot Cut at the store, but it was too small. So if you're following me here, in the same store within the same line of jeans (Gap 1969) I am three different sizes. How is that even possible? In a regular length boot cut I wear a ten. Put me in an ankle length and inexclicibaly I go up a size. But put me in a long and lean regular length and hey-o, I drop two sizes. Perhaps I should have kept shopping. Maybe I would have found the jeans that finally gave me that perfect 24 inch waist. Although after a few wears, my size 29/8's are fitting a little loose, so maybe I should have just keep on pushing the limits of the long and lean waistband.

Either I have no idea what my true size is or the clothing industry is running some sort of racket. My guess is the latter. If no one knows their true size, they'll continue buying ill-fiitted clothing, therefore causing them to go out and buy more clothes with the hopes of finding something that actually fits. It's a viscious cycle and I can say I've certainly been caught in it before. It also explains why when bridemaids dress shopping, I have bought literally both a size 8 and a size 16. My weight has never fluctuated THAT much.

For my birthday Mike got me a gift certificate to one of my favorite shoe stores. I fell in love with a pair of black lace up Tsubo high heels there. So pretty. I wanted to try on a pair, and the clerk asked me my shoe size. Even then I couldn't give a straight answer. My reply was "a 9 1/2 or a ten." (I got big feet. What of it.) He came back with a 9 1/2, saying the brand runs slightly large. I pranced around in the store for a bit and determined lo and behond they were a smidge too big. He ordered a nine for me, and after I learned there were no more nines in stock, a few weeks later an 8 1/2 was waiting for me at the store. I tried them on thinking oh well, I can always pick out something else becuase there is no way these are going to fit. But yeah, they fit. They are sitting in my closet right now. I think the last time I wore an 8 1/2 shoe I also may have been wearing Guess jeans and sporting a perm.

I keep going back to the line in Steel Magnolias where Clairee has an extra pair of shoes that she wants to get rid of. Clairee asks her friend Truvy her shoe size. Truvy's response is "Well in a good shoe I wear a size six, but a seven feels so good I buy a size eight." Clairee: "They're 8 1/2." Truvy: "Perfect!"

So what about you? What's your size, shoe or other?


Megan said...

I can't tell you how many times I've had this issue. In shoes it's the worst because I have wide feet. I run anywhere from a 6.5 to an 8.5 an average. Clothing is the same. About the only thing that's ever consistent is I wear an L/XL top (depending on the style) because I have linebacker shoulders so no mater how tiny my waste gets if I want to be able to use my arms I have to buy an L/XL. I spend a lot of time at the tailer with shirts, especially dress shirts with darts. I've come to the conclusion that you find a general style that fits almost well but is good quality then you invest in the tailor.

kelsalynn said...

This is exactly why I always take 2 of every size into a dressing room with me. A 6 and an 8 of EVERYTHING. Usually, 8's are too big and too long, but 6's can't fit my big booty (found a picture of "Big Booty" from Nacurh last weekend... anyway)

It's the same with shoes 7.5 or 8 so I always try on both.

kelsalynn said...

Just clicked on the shoe link and holy shit- those are smoking hot. $140? Wow. The only time I've spent even $100 on shoes is when they were running shoes.

Dorrie said...

I ALWAYS have this problem! At most stores, I have to try on 5 or 6 pairs of the exact SAME jeans to find the one that fits! That's what we get for buying clothes made in Bangladesh... In shoes it's the same thing! I usually wear 8 or 8.5. BUT, if they are 8 or 8.5 WIDE, they are too big. Then I usually have to get a 7 Wide. That is why I have to be in a certain mood to go jean or shoe shopping... =)