August 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I've been in my new apartment now for a couple weeks. My old place feels like a distant memory now, but that might just be because my new place is so much nicer. Here are a few of the things I have learned to love about it:

A bedroom! After a year of living in a studio, my bed is once again enclosed by four walls.
And since I have a bedroom, it called for an air conditioner. Last year when I moved into the new place, it was on the hottest day of the year. The following week was miserable as well. This year, the first week I stayed in my new place it was in the 90s, but this year I could take it thanks to the window unit.

The living room also is much, much larger - about half the size of my old place, or maybe not. I can't really tell because the ceilings are so high it seems even bigger than it is.Also great about the living room is a built in shelving unit. It's much larger than my old bookcase so I ditched that with the move. It holds everything from my high school diploma to my most recent photos albums, and as I found with my first visitor (thanks, Jenny!) it holds hours of entertainment in the form of my old journals.

Aside from the sheer lack of space in my outdated studio, there were a lot of little things I'd gone a year without. Like hot and cold water that came out of the same faucet. My old bathroom sink had two separate faucets located on opposite sides of the sink. At the new place, I get hot and cold water out of the same faucet. (Really, it's the little things.)
Oscar likes the new bathroom sink too... at least as much as he liked the old one. (And no, he has not been spotted yet. I think it's because he sleeps all day.)

Keeping along with water, my kitchen is a lot better, namely the sink. I moved partially on account of my old kitchen sink circa 1918. So the fact that the new place has a deep sink AND a nozzle sprayer means I am over joyed. I still don't like doing my dishes, but I also don't hate it as much as I used to. The kitchen also is big enough to fit a kitchen table. Whereas in my old place, the chairs were scattered and the table top was propped up against the back wall in my closet, it's fully assembeled in the new place.

And now for the ultimate selling point for me....

An outdoor oasis (ok, maybe a stretch) to call my very own.

That's all I have for pictures. I hope they are inviting enough to make you want to come visit.