December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To You

There is nothing like instant nostalgia, so let me show you photos of my Christmas day, AKA today.

The day started with some present opening by Mike and I. This is the first year we put up a full size tree, so I think we both felt the need to fill up its undersides.

Santa Came!
And this was our place Christmas morning.

That scerene setting however, quickly turned into this.

Taylor enjoyed it though.

After presents, I set out on my main mission of the day: to make our dessert. It was a rather ambitious mission. I decided to make a red velvet cake, the most Christmas-y dessert I could think of. This was the recipe I chose. I was somewhat apprehensive about making it though as the recipe said it was an "intermediate" skill level. I am more of a seasoned novice.

In case you haven't made red velvet cake before, this is how you make a red velvet cake.

Got it? Good. And here was the finished product. 

I made Mike try it first and give me his honest opinion. 
Of course, the rest of our meal deserves some applause as well. We had ham, rolls, cranberry sauce from a can (my favorite), green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.

It was all delish, and most of it, was actually made by my man. I should also note that I drank a particularly tasty beverage (or three) this afternoon: cranberry juice, vodka and a club soda. 

So that was our Christmas day in a nutshell. In summary: presents, baking, eating, drinking and now football. I hope your day has been just as lovely. 

From me and my entire crew, we'd like to say Merry Christmas to you.
Because when your pets outnumber you two to one, you need to dress them in holiday clothes to show you are still the alpha.

December 11, 2011

Sleepy Santa

I have been meaning to upload photos of my Christmas decorations ever since Mike and I put them up last weekend. I have taken photos, I just haven't done anything with them besides let them sit on my camera. So no, this post does not include photos of my Christmas tree. It has some thing even better - a sleeping, 3 month old Santa.

Taken earlier today. I am hoping to post more from this shoot and also, obviously, photos of my Christmas decorations at some point too. Hopefully, that point will be some time before 2012.