August 28, 2011

I Really Wanted To

So remember my plans to return to blogging this weekend? Well if writing this post on my phone while in bed on Sunday night counts, then I did it!

This weekend kicked my booty like last weekend. And I think the one before that too. I honestly have lost track.

But amid the cleaning, painting and several trips to the hardware store this weekend, I did manage to sleep in later than I have in a long time on Saturday. Mike and I also walked the dog on Saturday and picked up ice cream. And tonight, I finished the book I was reading while sitting on my back deck under a beautiful sky.

So I won't say this weekend was all work, but I am really hoping next weekend is a lot less work and a lot more back porch sitting.

August 23, 2011


The photo below nicely sums up my life this past week. Once I am done unpacking, and sorting, and splitting time between two houses, I shall return to this blog. That will hopefully be by this weekend. I am ambitious if nothing else. And tired. I am also really tired.
For the record, the pets didn't help unpack a thing.

August 7, 2011

Project 365 - Continued

I am still continuing on with the 365 photo project I started at the beginning of this year. I haven't been as good about sharing the photos I'm taking though. Now is as good as any time to pick back up so here's what the last three weeks of my life look like:


For a full run down of my photos, visit my complete project here.

August 2, 2011

Maternity Photos and Mosquitoes

Yesterday I met Rebecca and Eric not too far from their home near Lincoln Park. It was a hot, hazy and humid day, but you'd never know it based on how relaxed Rebecca and Eric were in front of my camera. They braved the mosquitoes and the heat and the humidity with laughter. These two are going to be great parents. Also, I have to say this is probably the quickest I have ever posted a shoot. I just love these photos so much I couldn't wait to share them. I hope Rebecca and Eric like them too.

Rebecca and Eric, thank you so much for contacting me and braving the heat. This shoot is so worth every mosquito bite I am scratching today.