November 28, 2011

Catching Up

From the end of September to the start of November, I had 11 photo shoots. It was by far the busiest my little business has ever been. My October was why you didn't really hear from me on this blog in November.

Every year the month of November feels like the month that got away. It is swallowed up by the end of fall and the start of Christmas. And this year was no exception. Except this year, my November was a blur of photo editing.

I am just starting to dig myself out of a Photoshop coma, but what I am emerging with is a selection of photos I'm really proud of.

Photos of an adorable baby.
_DSC4649w DSC_2485w

Photos of my best friend strolling in Chicago with her hubby. 

Photos of a high-fiving family, taken at the end of a very successful shoot.

Even photos of dogs in costume. (Sorry Lexi, I know how much you dislike that.)

But what I am most excited about is the return of the my friend Carly and her family. They have appeared on this blog many a time, however as of this spring, shoots with them became a challenge. You see, they used to live a cab ride away in Chicago, and they are now a five-hour drive away in Michigan. Luckily for me though, they relocated very close to my parents' house. So when I went home for Thanksgiving, I stopped by Carly's house to see her and meet her daughter Amaya.

This is Amaya.

The last time I saw Carly she was pregnant with Amaya. She is now six-months-old, and these are her six-month-old pics.
_DSC5911w _DSC5737w _DSC5747w _DSC5792w _DSC5827w _DSC5834w _DSC5872w _DSC6047w _DSC6064w _DSC5976w _DSC5982w _DSC6314w

Of course, Amaya's big sister Shayla got into the action too. And Shalya is as cute as ever. (For reference, here are Shayla's 6-month-old pics.)

_DSC6165w _DSC6162w _DSC6231w _DSC6292w _DSC6300w _DSC6293w

I am not sure when I'll get to see them again, but I sure do hope it's soon. They certainly are fun to be around.