October 31, 2010


It took a couple months and quite a few emails to finally get a date that worked for Tyler's shoot. And when the date finally came, the fall sky was gray and overcast. Thankfully Tyler has some crazy blue eyes that brightened up almost every photo. And just as his mom promised he would be, he was in great spirits throughout the whole shoot.
On our cloudy day, we wandered all in and around Millennium Park. For the most part, our backgrounds were the gray and blues of the buildings and greens of the grass where ever I could find it. And then out of nowhere, we came across this patch of colorful flowers. It was an absolute photographic gold mine.
We ended our session at The Bean, as you can see from the above pics. I have been to The Bean several times and on a couple different shoots now. I've taken quite a few photos of it from several different angles, but none of them compare to the shot below. I am absolutely in love with it.

October 17, 2010

One Of My Favorites

During the month of October, I've had three great shoots with three little boys and their families. I'm still working on getting them all squared away, but once I do, I'll be more than ready to share them all on the blog. And after this weekend, I am a whole heck of a lot closer to doing that.

One of those cute little boys was none other than Jack! I edited some of his photos tonight and was grinning ear to ear. I've grown to really adore Jack and his parents. I met this family first through a friend, and over our three shoots together I've gotten to know them. And trust me when I say they are great people.

I was most certainly looking forward to this shoot. And I am most certainly excited to share this shoot. But this one shot, I just had to share now.


More to come!

October 15, 2010

Picture Perfect

As my little business grows I find myself constantly having to make decisions about how much to let it grow. One of those decisions came in the form of having somewhere more professional to display my work than Flickr. Sure, Flickr is nice, and I actually use it to upload most every photo that goes on this blog. But I also didn't like how public and unprofessional it felt.

I started toying with the idea a while ago about selling some of my travel photos on Etsy. And while I do think Etsy is a great place to do that, logistically it just didn't make sense for me. I'd still need to find someone to print my photos and then find an easy way to ship them.

Enter Zenfolio. I now have a print site that is hosted by Zenfolio.

The beauty of Zenfolio is that I can upload and display my photos, but I can also sell professional, high quality prints from it. I've started using it as a way for my clients to preview their photos online. And yesterday, I got my very first ever print order from it. That was thrilling to say the least. I have officially sold prints! It also allows me to change the settings so people can download their photos directly from my site. This has made the single biggest difference in my little business because I don't burn CDs anymore (I hate CDs), and I no longer have to wait in line at the post office to mail out CDs (I hate the post office).

I also like Zenfolio because it give me a platform to sell prints of my non-photo shoot photos. The stuff I snap here and there that catches my eye. That used to be the only type of photography I posted on this blog, but my how times have changed. I still take those types of photos, and I still want to share them. I hope to start posting them more regularly on my print site, and when I do, I'll let you know. But what you could do to help me out is let me know if I'm missing anything. I put my favorites in the art prints section of my Zenfolio site, but I know I'm missing some. So if you have ever seen a photo on this site that you would like to see on my print site, let me know in the comments. And if you think you might want to purchase any of my prints, let me know. I might have a little discount code for you. Yeah, my print site does that too.

So without further ado, please go check out my print site, found here.

I took the following photo a Galen and Kristin's wedding. It's currently the desktop photo on my laptop, and guess what? It's going on my print site.

October 2, 2010

Kristin and Galen's Wedding - Part The End

I am kind of sad that this is my last post of Kristin and Galen's photos. I have had such a great time reliving this wedding while putting together these posts.

This last post is photos from their affair downstate. After we finished celebrating on the shores of northern Michigan, we took the party south to Kalamazoo. Kristin and Galen wanted to share their wedding celebration with more people than the resort would hold, so they brought their reception to the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts and finished celebrating in style.

Burrell 005
Burrell 006
Burrell 007
Burrell 008
Burrell 009
Burrell 010
Burrell 012
Burrell 011
Burrell 014
Burrell 015
Burrell 013
Burrell 016
Burrell 018
burrell 048
Burrell 047

This next photo is one of my absolute favorites. I saw this stairwell and knew there was a good photo to be had there.
Burrell 046
Burrell 019
Burrell 020
Burrell 021
Burrell 023
Burrell 022
Burrell 024
Burrell 050
Burrell 026
Burrell 002
Burrell 001
Burrell 003
Burrell 025
Burrell 027
Burrell 029
Burrell 028
Burrell 030
Burrell 033
Burrell 032
Burrell 031
Burrell 035
Burrell 034
Burrell 036
Burrell 037
Burrell 038
Burrell 044
Burrell 043
burrell 0445
Burrell 039
Burrell 040
Burrell 041
Burrell 042

Kristin and Galen, a million thanks to you.

Thank you for introducing me to your fantastic friends and family. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and such a part of your family. Thank you for hosting such a beautiful event. You made my job very easy. Thank you for being so relaxed and at ease in front of my camera. Again, you made my job very easy. But most importantly, thank you for having the faith in me to photograph your wedding day(s). I was honored. I still am honored. Yours truly was an event I will never forget.