October 2, 2010

Kristin and Galen's Wedding - Part The End

I am kind of sad that this is my last post of Kristin and Galen's photos. I have had such a great time reliving this wedding while putting together these posts.

This last post is photos from their affair downstate. After we finished celebrating on the shores of northern Michigan, we took the party south to Kalamazoo. Kristin and Galen wanted to share their wedding celebration with more people than the resort would hold, so they brought their reception to the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts and finished celebrating in style.

Burrell 005
Burrell 006
Burrell 007
Burrell 008
Burrell 009
Burrell 010
Burrell 012
Burrell 011
Burrell 014
Burrell 015
Burrell 013
Burrell 016
Burrell 018
burrell 048
Burrell 047

This next photo is one of my absolute favorites. I saw this stairwell and knew there was a good photo to be had there.
Burrell 046
Burrell 019
Burrell 020
Burrell 021
Burrell 023
Burrell 022
Burrell 024
Burrell 050
Burrell 026
Burrell 002
Burrell 001
Burrell 003
Burrell 025
Burrell 027
Burrell 029
Burrell 028
Burrell 030
Burrell 033
Burrell 032
Burrell 031
Burrell 035
Burrell 034
Burrell 036
Burrell 037
Burrell 038
Burrell 044
Burrell 043
burrell 0445
Burrell 039
Burrell 040
Burrell 041
Burrell 042

Kristin and Galen, a million thanks to you.

Thank you for introducing me to your fantastic friends and family. Thank you for making me feel so welcome and such a part of your family. Thank you for hosting such a beautiful event. You made my job very easy. Thank you for being so relaxed and at ease in front of my camera. Again, you made my job very easy. But most importantly, thank you for having the faith in me to photograph your wedding day(s). I was honored. I still am honored. Yours truly was an event I will never forget.


bcj. said...

Outstanding work. The shot of the groom at the desk in the bay window and your favorite stairwell shot really stand out in this set.

Dorrie said...

What a pretty dress! Amy, you get better every time!!! XOXO!