October 31, 2010


It took a couple months and quite a few emails to finally get a date that worked for Tyler's shoot. And when the date finally came, the fall sky was gray and overcast. Thankfully Tyler has some crazy blue eyes that brightened up almost every photo. And just as his mom promised he would be, he was in great spirits throughout the whole shoot.
On our cloudy day, we wandered all in and around Millennium Park. For the most part, our backgrounds were the gray and blues of the buildings and greens of the grass where ever I could find it. And then out of nowhere, we came across this patch of colorful flowers. It was an absolute photographic gold mine.
We ended our session at The Bean, as you can see from the above pics. I have been to The Bean several times and on a couple different shoots now. I've taken quite a few photos of it from several different angles, but none of them compare to the shot below. I am absolutely in love with it.

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kelsalynn said...

When I look at these shoots, I try to imagine what the parents' reactions are and I can only imagine how in awe they are. It bring tears to my eyes that you capture their smiles & personalities the way you do. Stunning as always Amy!