September 23, 2010

Kristin and Galen's Wedding - Part 2

One of the most amazing things about Kristin and Galen's wedding was seeing the interaction of their two families. As much as this wedding was about Kristin and Galen's unity, it was about their families uniting too.

This actually wasn't the first wedding Kristin and Galen were in together. You see, they have known each other for quite some time, having first met when they were kids. Their moms have been friends for decades. So while yes, this weeding was about Kristin and Galen becoming husband and wife it was also about the families officially becoming a family. And it truly was a beautiful thing to watch, especially since there were so many helping hands making it all come together.

Burrell 29
Burrell 30
Burrell 31
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Burrell 28
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Burrell 32
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Burrell 005
Burrell 030
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Burrell 031
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Burrell 029
Burrell 036
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burrell 020
And yes, I know what you're thinking. I do have some very photogenic friends.
Burrell 021
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Burrell 023
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Burrell 025
So yeah, I should have warned you that was going to be a long post. The next one should be too. It's the reception! Coming soon(ish)!


Anonymous said...

It's like reading a wedding magazine. Such a cool wedding and such great photos Amy! So beautiful.

Alexis said...

omg STUNNING! My favorite is the one w/ their sandy feet in focus stretched out in front of them. and I would also like a piece of their cake please.
You should take photos for cake stores too- I'd bet their sales would go up! Your pics are amazing and honestly make me feel like I was right there.

kelsalynn said...

"Stunning"- perfect word! Her wedding looked amazingly beautiful and personable. It did look like something straight out of a martha stewart magazine, but better! I love the pic w/ the watermelon & vase of flowers- love the colors in it. Might need to "purchase" a print of that someday when we actually own a house that we actually live in.

The photos brought tears to my eyes & I don't even know these people. I can't imagine what her reaction is when she sees them. She's going to be so grateful for you Amy Sayre!

Anonymous said...

You've totally are a straight up "hire this girl right now" wedding photographer. And you're almost at your 10,000 goal! Once again, you will most likely beat me this year.

Kristin Greilick Burrell said...

Oh Amy. I am beside myself with joy!! These pictures capture all of what I hoped for in our documentation - the "moments" both grand and subtle. These pictures bring to life the activity and buzz of those couple of days... all the banding together, the beauty of the location.... Your eye and your lens were such keen observers, what treasures! What an amazing collection - thank you thank you! love - Kristin