September 6, 2010

Putting My Skills to Good Use

Ever since moving to Chicago, I've been on the hunt for volunteer opportunities. Unfortunately for one reason or another, I never have volunteered in the city. That's not to say there aren't great non-profit organizations in Chicago. Quite the opposite. If anything, there are too many, and when researching my options I've become overwhelmed quickly. I've never gotten beyond that step. Well with a simple email exchange a few weeks ago, I think I'm now officially a volunteer.

When Mike and I fostered Taylor, we began exchanging emails with the rescue organizaton's owner, Bridgid. She was checking in frequently to see how we were all adjusting. During those first few weeks she became an invaluable resource as Mike and I tried to understand our new family member. In one of our email exchanges, of course, I had to send some pics of Taylor in his new home.

After one such email, Bridgid, complimented me on my photography skills. I thanked her and mentioned that if she ever needed a photographer that I was available. That's how I came to photograph four Project Rescue pups yesterday.

Project Rescue at any given time as at least a handful of dogs available for adoption. Bridgid and I worked together yesterday to corral and photograph four of them to put updated pics on Project Rescue's site. And surprisingly, I didn't take any of them home with me. It was tough though. Look at these faces.

I'm most likely going to start doing this once a month. And next Saturday, I'll be photographing an event they are having in the city. So just like that, I'm volunteering. It feels really good to be using my skills to help a great organization and sweet little puppy faces. And honestly, if any of my photos can inspire someone to go see one of these dogs, I'd be over the moon with excitement.

So of course, I have to say if you live in or near Chicago and are thinking about getting a dog, please contact Project Rescue. They do great things, like save my dog Taylor from a certain death sentence.


Anonymous said...

Really beautiful, Amy. If you keep taking photos of those pups they're going to have homes in no time (no pressure) - seriously though, really gorgeous.

kelsalynn said...

Oh my gosh, what a wonderful idea! "Oh my gosh" that's what I keep saying! It's the perfect fit!

The pictures look amazing- I will take one of each please :) (I'm talking about the pups- your pictures make me want each of them).

I'm so proud of you Amy- you're such a wonderful person and this is an amazing idea!