July 13, 2010

Mr. T Minus Six Minutes

Internet, meet Taylor.
Taylor, this is the Internet.

Taylor is the newest member of my and Mike's home - now also known as the crazy pet emporium.

We first heard about Taylor through one of my coworkers. She volunteers with this great organization called Project Rescue here in Chicago. She knew Mike and I had been looking a little more seriously into adopting a dog and suggested we think about fostering Taylor as a way to get our feet wet. We met him yesterday and immediately fell in love with his personality and fluffy face.

The rescue owner said Taylor was brought to a shelter by his owner (who claimed not to know him). The shelter had a high kill rate and Projct Rescue swooped in and saved Taylor six minutes before he was scheduled to be no more. His previous owner kept him outdoors most of the time, so at his first visit to the vet, they had to remove six ticks from T. Hence, his awesome haircut. He's part chow and possibly collie, so he's definitely sporting a summer 'do at the moment. At the vet, he also tested positive for heartworm. But since he's only a year and a half old (they think), he's expected to make a full recovery. But he needs a good home to relax and recover in. That's where we come in.

Before we even met Taylor we decided to shorten his name to T. But you can call him Mr. T. I'm sure this isn't the last you'll be seeing of him around these parts. And I'm also pretty sure this foster situation is going to turn into a premanent residency.

Oh and in case you're wondering, the cats are adjusting. Some better than others.
Oscar has not left this chair since we brought T home. And yes, he is a drooling mess in that photo.


kelsalynn said...

You have to read caesar milan's "Be the Pack Leader" and "Caesar's Way." Both are really good. We get compliments on how well behaved and obedient nikki is all the time and I think it's b/c we follow most of what he preaches. It will make the world of difference. Trust me! He's so fricken adorable, I love him already!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I agree with Kelsa - we use a lot of his techniques and have very little behavior issues from our dogs. If you take away nothing else make sure you exercise him plenty!

He's so darn cute, look at that face. This is why Travis and I can't foster. I'd end up having six permanent dogs (part of the reason I want to buy a piece of land in the country - puppy paradise).

Have fun!