July 6, 2010

Dark Curls and Brown Eyes

That first photo, I think it's my favorite. But I can't really tell. Zoe and her family were such wonderful subjects that I have a hard time choosing. Zoe was a happy, little seven-month-old with dark curls and brown eyes. A killer combo. See:
zoe 1
Zoe 3
Having done as many kids' shoots as I have now, I am well-acquainted with Sophie the giraffe. As you can see, Zoe and Sophie were pretty well-acquainted too.

Zoe 2
Zoe 4

Zoe lives in a beautiful home (not too far from my own) that has been in her father's family for generations. We of course had to get some pics of it as well. I love this next photo because I think it's probably how they would look most days. Ok, maybe they were a little more well dressed than usual. But it looks like a real moment anyone would have sitting on their front porch.
Zoe 5
Zoe 6
Zoe 7

We went back indoors for Zoe's contractual 15 minute snack break and then got a few more smiles out of her before we all called it quits.
Zoe 10
By the way, the photo on the left is a three generations photo. I just love generation photos.

Zoe 8
Zoe 9

April, PJ and Zoe, it was an absolute joy. I hope to see you all around the neighborhood real soon.


Alexis said...

Dude where was the Sophie the girafee link a year ago when I was looking high and low for anything that might soothe my poor little baby's chompters? ;)
Great pictures as always!!!

April Joy said...

amy- these images are amazing! you did a wonderful job of capturing zoe's personality and expressions. it was awesome to work with you and we look forward to doing it again!

Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. April you and the family look amazing. I am so very happy for you, PJ and Momma Rosie! I love you! <3 Sara & Family

Anonymous said...

NICE PICS !!!! Zoe, estas muy hermosa !!!!! Like your mom !!!!!!!
FROM: Ismarth, (ES)