July 18, 2010

Lessons with Mr. T

Mike and I will (reluctantly) be taking Taylor back to the shelter today. He, Mike and I all have a big week ahead.

Mike and I are dealing with minor home improvements Monday, Tuesday and hopefully not Wednesday. When the roof was redone on our building a few months ago, the ceiling in our condo suffered some minor damage. The roofers are repairing it free of charge, but Mike and I need to do some furniture rearrangement today which includes moving our big ass dining room table into the second bedroom. The second bedroom has basically been T's room since he moved in.

So we've got that going on, and then on Wednesday, Mr. T's going to the doctor for a couple injections for his heart worm and possibly the loss of his manhood. Mike has already apologized to T several times for the eventual ball snipping.

 Please don't do it man!

We'll take him to the shelter today and then not pick him up until Saturday most likely. It will be almost an entire week he'll be away from us. And I know we've had him with us for less than a week now, but it seems like a very long time to be away from our dog. And yes, he's totally our dog. Mike and both already dropped the L bomb.
In this very short amount of time, we feel like we've gotten to know this big floppy mutt pretty well. For instance:
- He loves goat cheese. I found very early on that the only way he'd take his morning and evening pills was if they were covered in a thin layer of goat cheese.
- He loves stretching. When he fully stretches out, he looks like he's flying and we call him Super Dog.
- He does not like sleeping alone. The first night we had him we set up his crate in the second bedroom and shut the door. He whined and barked until Mike finally gave up and slept on the floor next to his crate. He's slept in our room in his crate ever since and has done just fine.
- He doesn't bark. Like ever. The only time was the first night when we shut him alone in the second bedroom.
- Squirrels are his favorite. If given the chance, he would chase them until his heart gave out. 
- He's smart. Our biggest concern with Taylor was by far the cats and his reaction to them. At first, he was incredibly interested and excited by them. After a few days of our training him, he stopped and now pays barely any attention to them.
- He's gassy. Dude's got some really smelly farts and could totally prove a worthy opponent to Mike in a burping contest.
- He loves other dogs, a lot.
- He love people, a lot.
- He loves Mike and I above everything and everyone else.
- The feeling's pretty mutual.

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