July 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I wanted to write a long and flowery post about our home renovations, and getting T back in our home and how it's all home sweet home now, but I just can't at the moment. I'm getting on a train to Michigan in about 10 hours for a whirlwind half day visit, and I am flat out exhausted already. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in over a week with all the changes going on over here. But the changes have been good. Good and draining.
I figure pictures will tell the story of our remodel better than I can right now, so I'm just going to do what I do best - show you all some pictures.

The sad thing about this remodel is that I didn't document the before  of our home all that well. I think the best before is probably in my Bertha post, so go check it out. The during however, was photo-worthy.

It's a little unsettling to say the least to come home to a home with no ceiling. This was Tuesday night.

You can see in these pics the recessed lighting Mike installed. I had no idea he could do electrical work until this project. I was mighty proud. 

The great thing about this ceiling redo was that it forced us to make improvements we had wanted to for a while. Recessed lighting was one of those improvements. In the meantime though, we lived in a plastic palace.
I took Friday off work to repaint our main living room. Repainting is something I have wanted to do since the day I moved in. I hated the paint color and how impossible it was to clean. Mike and I spent Thursday night prepping and priming our walls so I could start bright and early on Friday.

This is the very, very beginning of our remodel taking shape.

And here my dear friends is the finished result.

The main wall color is not a terribly dramatic shift (the blue wall is!), but to Mike and I who used to see every bump, scrape, and divot in the walls, fresh, clean walls are a novelty. We're hoping we can keep them this clean for a while.

Also, I love, love, love the recessed lighting. Believe it or not lighting has always been one of Mike and I's hot button issues. Our new lighting may have solved that.

I swear those photos are straight. I think it's the lens or me.

So that's it.

Or well not. I am afraid to say we still are not done. We've become the people that touch up some paint and somehow end up remodeling their entire home. We don't plan to remodel our entire home. I don't think our checkbooks or patience could handle that. However, our list of home improvements is still expanding, not shrinking. But for right now, we're just grateful that nothing has to be done at the moment. It's time to enjoy our home sweet home.


kelsalynn said...

It looks SOOOO much better- much cleaner and homier. Nice job with the colors!

And I see your buddy is home with you... enjoying the new space as well.

I can't imagine coming home to no ceiling, that would freak me right out! No wonder you're tired.

Anonymous said...

Oohhhh....very nice. The puppy is cute too :)

We had a similar forced remodel when all that kitchen nonsense happened last year. Sometimes, disaster is a blessing in disguise.