February 7, 2010

Big Bertha

Mike and I engaged in some home improvements this weekend. We started at about 10 a.m. Saturday and didn't finish until about 4 p.m. today.

So here's the before.

Here is the during:
(Oh lord that sucked)

And here's the after:
I know. Scroll back up because the before and after don't really look all that different. But as I sit here on my couch, I can most definitely tell you that they are different. The big difference is our new TV. I call her Bertha. Bertha because she's so big.

Mike got his tax refund check in this week, so on Saturday he bought a TV he's been eying for months. Literally months. Mike is a man that will research and research and research some more until he's certain the electronic item he's going to purchase is the best price and the best quality out there for a myriad of reasons. He tells me these reasons time and time again and yet I never retain any of this info. When Mike starts talking electronics he talks in numbers, not words. He was actually on the store's computers researching this very TV right before he purchased it. You know, just to make sure.

So Bertha here is big. She's the third member of our family. She's a 58-incher. That's three more inches than our old TV. But this one is much thinner so we actually have more room. And holy lord the picture. Once Mike finally got the TV turned on (which was at midnight last night) I walked into our living room and said "Why hello Mr. Morgan Freeman. Welcome to our living room." That's because Morgan Freeman was life size on our TV and so clear he might as well have been sitting on our couch.

But it took much more than rewiring to get this little living room arrangement in place. The most arduous being getting Bertha and her new TV stand up to our third floor condo. My arms contributed what little they could when it came to the TV. However the stand, the 160lb stand, Mike got on his own. Not because he wanted to, but because my wimpy arms were of no assistance. I need some arm muscles. Stat. I think my relationship depends on it.

In the process of setting up Bertha, we also cleaned the crap out of our home. Literally. The freakin' cats were doing things behind our old TV that we couldn't see. Including I presume growing another cat, given the size of the fur balls back there.

But it's all set up. Our house is as clean as it's ever been and Bertha is right at home perched a top her stand. And now I'm going to bed. It's been a long weekend. On top of home improvements, I also fit in a photo shoot today. I'm beat.

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kelsalynn said...

I can see the difference- there's less clutter around the TV for sure. It looks really nice. Congrats on the new addition to the family! xoxo