February 2, 2010

Little Blue Eyes

I met Liam and his family in their home on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Having never been to their home, I was afraid there wouldn't be enough light. I assume this about all homes because I am obsessed with a lot of light (and think I live in a dungeon of sorts). I blame my lighting preferences on my mother who would walk around constantly turning on lights in my childhood home, even if she wasn't in the room. She was conditioning me to need a lot of light, be it natural or artificial. It now bodes well for my photographic eye because I need light to get good photos.

When I walked into Liam's home I was pleasantly surprised to see it bathed in natural light. And that natural light allowed me to capture Liam and his big old blue eyes in all their shining glory.

Yeah, I didn't doctor the color of his peepers at all.

Liam could not have been better to photograph. He was happy, he was smiling and he was pretty easy to amuse. And when I first got there he was content just to sit there and stare at my camera. Works for me.


As much as I could have just focused my camera on his eyes, I was glad the whole family was involved. How cute are they? Answer: So cute!

But really, Liam and his lovable attitude were front and center.

I mean really, how can you or I or anyone resist a face like this.
We cannot.


kelsalynn said...

oh my gosh! holy cow, that is one cute kid! I love the B&W with all of them- super cute. I also love the one to the right after you write "front and center." His facial expressions are pretty amazing and you captured them!

Megan said...

Seriously, Amy, we're having a few big events next year (and maybe later this year) and your rear end is being put on a plane to come capture them.

These are beautiful, really beautiful - the kid is cute too.

Amy said...

Thanks ladies. And Megan, you just tell me when and where. :)