January 31, 2010

Polar Bears

I took over 600 photos this weekend. Yeah, I'm doing pretty well on my taking 10,000 photos in one year goal (see tracker at the bottom of this page). As of today, I'm now up to 1,074, or more than 10 percent of my goal completed. I'm thinking getting to 10,000 shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially since I'll now officially be shooting two weddings this year.

I also chipped away at another of my 2010 goals this weekend. I went to my first Chicago Digital Photography Meet-Up Event. (Five more to go.) The Lakeview Polar Bear Club hosts an annual dip and that was the subject of Saturday's meet up event. It fittingly was called The Celebration of Shrinkage.

My friend Sarah and I set out for Oak Street Beach, the most picturesque in the city if you ask me. It's right on the curve of Lake Shore Drive with Michigan Ave and The Drake serving as it's backdrop. Not too shabby.

We stood around and waiting in the freezing cold for a bit watching people prepare to jump in.

And then, they were off. A hundred people or so dashing for the freezing waters of Lake Michigan in January.

The looks on their faces said it all.

It wasn't until people were out of the water that they showed some relief.

Don't expect to find me doing anything but taking photos of this activity ever. The shoreline was cold enough.

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Anonymous said...

You're already doing so much better at your goals than me! Way to go - another fabulous set of pics!