January 10, 2010


Last winter my camera and I hibernated. The majority of the photos I took (which were few and far between) were indoors. I reasoned there just weren't as many interesting things to capture when everything was cold, dark and no one left their homes. The truth though was that I simply didn't want to brave the elements.

I started poking around Flickr last year and found a lot of photographers that were braving the elements and getting some really unique images. I vowed that I wouldn't let my excuses keep me indoors this year.

I tripled up on layers and decided this afternoon I would brave 17 degree temps in the name of photography and my 10,000 photos in one year challenge. It was cold. I'm not gonna lie. I still haven't warmed up completely, and I've been indoors for about four hours now. It was so cold that my camera's auto focus stopped functioning at long focal lengths. Despite all that, I'm so glad I forced myself outdoors. The lake looks like another planet with its waves frozen in time. And the mix of sand, snow and frozen sea provided some amazing color contrasts for me to work with. Also, I've got some really unique images on Flickr right now. For example:

I'll post more tomorrow. I took 160+ photos today so I figured I'd spread them out. I'm not planning on doing this again for at least a week. Maybe I will have thawed out by then.


Alexis said...

amy those are some amazing pictures! it really does look like another planet. My dad has taken some amazing pictures after ice storms- maybe you guys will get one and you will brave the elements for our amusement then too :)

Dorrie said...

Dude, I didn't know it was possible, but you've even managed to make snow look cool... and I really detest snow...