January 3, 2010

Early Birthday Present

I am turning a very uneventful 29-years-old tomorrow. I have never liked the date of my birthday anyway, and coupled with the fact that it's most people's groan-worthy first day back to work after a lazy holiday and New Year's working season, I honestly haven't planned much. As of now, I'm looking forward to the coffee break with a good friend that I have scheduled tomorrow afternoon. She's buying me a latte. And in exchange I'm very excited that I can hand her one of these.

My business cards!

I have my very own business cards! I ordered them a few weeks ago, and they were sitting in the mailbox this morning. My little business now feels very grown up.

I used an online service that was able to print my photos on the front and back of the cards. I used five images I liked for the front (I have 10 of each) and one banner image on the top of each backside. They turned out pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. Sure they were a little more expensive than your standard business card, but I love that my images are on them. It gives a nice little sneak peek into what I can do.

I can't wait to start passing them out, and I'm hoping they'll go pretty quickly. More quickly than my current paralegal work cards have. In the three years I've been at my firm, I think I've given out four. One may have been to my mom. But I have big plans for my photo business cards. My awesome hairdresser extraordinaire has already said she'd take some and pass them out to her clients. And I've already made Mike take one. I even offered a few to the cats. They were very uninterested after they sniffed them out.

I may not have terribly exciting plans to ring in my 29th year on this planet, but getting these cards was all the excitement I need. If you see me any time soon you can expect to get one.


kelsalynn said...

What a brilliant concept! Those are some fabulous business cards!

I have a b-day card for you and it's got a stamp on it but not yet in the mail.Considering tomorow is your birthday, it's going to be late getting to ya! lol But hey, it will be like your b-day week when you continue to get a card late! Love ya!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday! I love the cards. Love Ya!!

Megan said...

Very cool, Amy and Happy Birthday to you. Randomly - Travis's birthday is this week too. Actually, we know a lot of people with birthdays last week and this week. It's really nuts how many there are clustered around Christmas/New Year.

Cheers to you!

Lacey said...

I know that its my first time posting anything in your comments but Kelsa mentioned on her blog that its you're birthday and to wish you a happy one! So...


Dorrie said...

You betta hook me up with one of your sweet cards at Olymp-Nics! Happy bday again!!!