February 10, 2010

Respite From the Cold

Remember months ago when I went to that old church in Evanston to hear my friend sing The Messiah? No? Well read this post. I loved the church and brought my camera hoping to get a good shot or two. I did but I knew they would have been better if I'd had the lens I had been wanting for some time. I have that lens now.

After the polar bear plunge a few weekends ago, Sarah and I decided we needed some coffee. We were walking down Michigan Ave to Borders and passed the historic Fourth Presbyterian Church. It is a beaufitul structure, but I'd never seen it from the inside. Not sure of the entry or photography policy we gingerly stepped inside and began snapping photos.

And I was right, my new lens was so much better.



Fourth collage




The last picture is my favorite because I think that is the same expression I have all the time when I step into old beautiful churches, such as this one.

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