November 24, 2009

Making Good Use of Sub Par

This past weekend I saw my friend Sean sing The Messiah. The entire Messiah by Handel, which I did not know what more than 2 1/2 hours long. Sean currently lives in Toronto but was flown in to sing the tenor part of this production. And he was fantastic.

Even better though, was this performance was in an old church in Evanston, just a few miles north of where I live. I brought my camera of course but was severely limited by the capacities of my lens.

I have been trying to find this one particular lens in the city, and thought I was going to get it Saturday. My plan was to play with it all weekend and then use it to shoot my next family session this coming Friday. After calling a few camera retailers in the city, I found one on Friday afternoon that had my lens in stock. I went to pick it up on Saturday but it had already sold out. I'm so mad I didn't ask to have a lens held for me when I called because I can't find them anywhere now, except online.

Any who, if I had the lens I wanted the lighting wouldn't have been a problem. This particular lens is perfect for times when there isn't much light to capture, like in this old church. Since I didn't have it, I put on my photographer hat, pulled out every trick I had. I drew on the knowledge I've collected over the past few months about my camera's capabilities and tricks for shooting in low lights and was able to catch this.


Not too shabby for a girl with sub par equipment.

Of course I didn't stop with one photo. Once I saw what I was able to do, I also snapped the following.

St Luke's Parish

Here's hoping I can get as creative with my next shoot considering I won't have my fancy new lens to fall back on then either.

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kelsalynn said...

Stunning! And to think you could do better w/ a different lens. That's just crazy to me.