November 21, 2009


Whenever Mike and I tell people we live and work together, their reaction is generally the same. "Oh, I could never work with my husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend!" And while they might be right, I can honestly say when the day comes that Mike and I no longer work together, it will be hard.

Given that there are days when we take the train in together, eat lunch together, go on a coffee break together, take the train home to make dinner together and hang out on our couch together, not seeing one another from nine to five will take some adjusting. Granted our relationship calls for a lot of together time, but it's really the only kind of relationship we know. And there are some distinct advantages to it.

For example, on Thursday I received an email at work that sent me into a minor fit of rage. Instead of stewing on the contents of this email for the better part of the day, I immediately emailed Mike. I told him I wanted to get coffee. In the matter of the five minutes it took us to get coffee, I vented, Mike listened, gave me some advice and then I returned to work. I was able to put this minor incident out of my mind, do my job and forget the whole thing by the time 5 p.m. rolled around. That my friends, is a major advantage of working with Mike and one of the reasons why I'll never say we can't work together.

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Megan said...

Ah, working together and living together. It does have some major perks and some major draw backs. Some people do it better than others. I love that Travis and I run a business together, but have separate offices. When we shared an office it was a nightmare, but it's nice to have someone you're super tight with and who knows you inside and out right there when something work related sets you off. We have to work hard though to keep work out of the house - which we haven't been too successful at. Sometimes it makes it feel like all we do is work.

I'm glad you guys love it so much though. :)