November 7, 2009

Maybe It's Time to Invest in Lighting

As with any new life adventure, I'm finding this photo thing has it's ups and its downs. And sometimes they happen all within the span of 12 hours.

I heard from friend earlier today, the one who's shoot started it all. We chatted for a bit, and in that short amount of time she gave me a business idea and relayed info that a friend of hers wants to use me for a series of photos of her newborn. Awesome. That is a cloud nine conversation.

However, I talked to my mom tonight. We were discussing Thanksgiving plans, and she mentioned she wants to have family portraits taken that weekend. At Sears. I know I can't take these photos. I don't have a studio and I need to be in the photos, but a part of me was a little miffed by this conversation. I'm perturbed because she thinks some part-time, minimum wage Sears employee could take a photo of her and my dad that would compare to anything I could do. For the record, they cannot.

I'm going to bed soon. I have another shoot tomorrow morning that I could not be more excited about. Yet as excited as I am, at the same time I know thoughts of the Sears family photo shoot will be on the forefront of my mind as I drift to sleep.

Side note to my mom: Mom, I'm not mad. This post is just me getting my thoughts out of my head. I love you and will sit for any photos you want me to sit for.


kelsalynn said...

funny you post this b/c I just returned from JCP (salon, but right next to the photo studio)...the place had two families waiting in line! One set of kids inside and two waiting! I couldn't believe it...

I don't get it at all.

Dorrie said...

LOL! I can't wait to see the Sear's family photo!!!