November 5, 2009

Spicing It Up

It's my turn for breakfast club tomorrow at work. Breakfast club means every Friday someone in the voluntary club is in charge of bringing breakfast in for the rest of the club. It's more commonplace to see Dunkin Donuts than it is homemade goods, but I don't like to be commonplace.

I decided on two recipes a week ago: my mom's Apple Spice Cake and Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. I got the rest of my ingredients last night and spent tonight baking my goodies. Well three and half hours later the stove finally off and my baked goods are cooling. And you know what else? I'm exhausted. I honestly didn't think baking a cake and some muffins would be so tiring, but hoo boy they were a lot of work - more so the muffins than the cake. And the kicker with the muffins is most of them came out of the oven burnt on the bottom. I took off the paper liners, but as a result some are more like pumpkin cream cheese muffin tops. They are still edible. And people better eat them. And tell me how good they are. Because they sure were a lot more work than I had planned.

Lesson here is that sometimes the effort is worth it, and sometimes people can just enjoy Dunkin Donuts and be happy they didn't have to buy their own breakfast. I'm still hoping the effort was worth it however I won't know until tomorrow.


kelsalynn said...

burnt or not, i'm impressed!

I hope everyone enjoyed your breakfast!

kelsalynn said...

someone commented on my blog and responded to your comment...thought you'd like to know so you can go read it.

kelsalynn said...

wow, 3rd comment from me- I'm stalking you! LOL!

I found this and thought "Amy should totally do that with her pictures"... it's just an idea. Even if not for resale, how cool of a Xmas gift would that be to give someone YOUR pictures this way?

I hope that link works.