November 10, 2009

Nontraditional is So Much Better

When I asked Elizabeth's mom what she wanted from this photo shoot, she had two requests. One was a photo that could be their family Christmas card and two, she wanted me to try and capture some of Elizabeth's expressions, because Elizabeth has a lot of expressions. For example.


The Christmas card photo proved to be a little more challenging. Elizabeth had the tendency to sit still for maybe one shot and then was ready to run again. And unfortunately, getting all three of them looking at the camera at the same time was darn near impossible.

Elizabeth's mom though had a great idea for a photo. Elizabeth loves to be swung in the air between her two parents. They did a series of two passes with me snapping away and as a result we got some of the best photos, I think, from the shoot. Possibly even one that may make for an adorably nontraditional Christmas card.


I'll be giving this wonderful family their DVD of photos tomorrow. I've gotten so much better at my editing process. I'm incredibly proud because after the shoot I told the family I'd aim to have their photos to them by next Monday. They're getting them a full five days early! I like it when I can exceed my own expectations.

As a side note, lots of things are happening here behind the scenes here. I've been working on my professional site for a few weeks now and am determined that it will be going up this weekend. I'm telling this to as many people as I can. The more times I say it the more I'll feel pressured to do it. So do it I will. But I've got quite a few steps to take before it goes live. If I'm silent the rest of the week, that's why.


Megan said...

Amy, I really love your photos - especially the ones of families. You do such an amazing job of capturing the relationships between people - not just people. I love that they're going the non-traditional way - there are some fantastic photos of her swinging and just walking.

The next time Travis and I have something to capture - I'm putting your rear end on a plane and flying you down - it's just a puddle jump to KC from Chicago.

These are beautiful.

Amy said...

Thanks so much Megan! That's honestly what I strive to capture in my photos. And I'd be more than happy to fly down and take photos of you and Travis any time.