September 3, 2010

Little Boy Blue

I first met Liam about six months ago, and I was immediately enamored by his startingly blue eyes. I loved them so much that they are featured pretty prominently on my photography site. It wasn't just his eyes though. He had a sweet, jovial attitude and was content just to stare at my camera for minutes at a time.

Well in six months time, this little guy has learned to not only walk, but run. We hung out at Montrose Beach on a sunny summer evening. We explored the sand, played on boats and Liam did his best to rundown some seagulls. He didn't manage to catch any, but I certainly was able to capture him with my lens. And my lens, loves Liam.

Liam 1
Liam 3

The only problem I had with Liam's shoot is that he's at a stage where he sticks his tongue out a lot. I have several shots where his mouth is wide open in a grin and his tongue is hanging out. I called it his Kiss face, because it looks like this:

Liam 2
Liam 4
Liam 5

I would like to thank who ever named this boat and then left it sitting on the beach that day.
liam 6

There were a few references to Liam's family in this shoot. The first is a wooden tug boat. It was Liam's grandpa's toy originally, and Liam is the third generation to play with it.
Liam 7
Liam 8
Liam 9
Liam 10

The other family item in this shoot was this Dr. Seuss book. It was a gift from Liam's grandma, who sadly passed away not too long before this shoot. I hope some day Liam looks back at this photos and thinks of a grandma who I am sure loved him very much.
Liam 11

Thank you so much Liam and Ellie. I'm already looking forward to our next shoot.

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Anonymous said...

I want one of everything! These photos are outstanding and capture his little spirit. Thank you for taking the time.
Liam's Nana