August 28, 2010

Moments from An Amazing Wedding Week

I have take more than 1,500 photos so far for my dear friend Kristin's wedding. It has been beautiful, each and every moment. I'm bursting with pride for this amazing couple and a few of the images I've captured of them. So much so, that I couldn't help sharing these little snippets of their wedding day.

Burrell 2
Burrell 1

Expect at least three blog posts about this wedding to come. There's so much more.


bcj. said...

That first shot with the small couple in the distance is fantastic. Careful when compressing these for web, though...they look a little over-compressed, but I'm assuming since you're working remotely you don't have your usual workflow available?

Good job. As usual.

Anonymous said...

Amy, these are so good. I was wondering how the weekend went. The close up of him holding her is precious. Can't wait to see more!