September 19, 2010

Kristin and Galen's Wedding - Part 1

When Kristin and Galen's multi-day wedding was over, I asked Kristin if her wedding was the best wedding she'd ever been too. She emphatically said yes. And it's not hard to see why. This wedding was simple, perfect, joyous and a true celebration of the unity of this couple and their families.

I am honored that Kristin and Galen chose me to capture their wedding day. And capture it I did. I took close to 2,000 photos and when it's all said and done, I'll be turning most of them over to Kristin and Galen. I'm going to do my best here not to share all of them on this here blog. But since there is so much, I'll probably devote my next few blog posts to this wedding.

What follows are photos of the resort where everyone stayed, the rehearsal and a late night jam session on the beach the night before the wedding. It is my hope, that these photos truly reflect the happiness and joy that surrounded this wedding and these few days we all spent hunkered down in the north woods of Michigan.

Burrell 4
Burrell 2
Burrell 1
Burrell 26
Burrell 6
Burrell 23
Burrell 7
Burrell 5
Burrell 8
Burrell 10
Burrell 9
Burrell 11
Burrell 24
Burrell 12
Burrell 27
Burrell 14
Burrell 13
Burrell 15
Burrell 25
Burrell 16
Burrell 17
Burrell 18
Burrell 19
burrell 20
Burrell 21
Burrell 22

Normally I post a few photos in black and white, however, I just felt the color in these photos was generally too good to erase. These next two though, fit as black and whites.

Early on Wednesday morning Galen and Kristin headed down to the water to check out some visual of their wedding day set up. As they walked back toward the resort, they first walked side by side and then, almost as if magnetized, linked up and walked the rest of the way wrapped in an embrace. They were separate and then together. Rather symbolic of the journey they took that week.
Burrell 3

Up next (hopefully soon) - the wedding day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you aren't spending too much time with people who are just awful, but you always make me want to be part of the family and group of friends you're showcasing. Such beautiful pictures and moments, it looks like a wonderful event with wonderful people.