May 4, 2010


The folder on my hard drive that contains Jack's photos is called "Jack!" I felt the need for the loud punctuation because I could not love this shoot more. Plain and simple. Jack was just perfect, could not have been any better.  And those eyes, my those eyes. I couldn't stop focusing on them, as you can tell by these pics.
Can you believe neither of his parents have blue eyes? It's true. But these eyes run in the family and his parents are hoping they stick around. And I promise, I did nothing to doctor them in photoshop. They are that blue.

We got out the football specifically for Jack's uncle, who I am guessing is a big football fan. I happen to think this beefy little man could make one heck of a linebacker some day.

Jack's mom sent me a photo of him ahead of time as a preview of her little boy. In it, he was wearing the kicky little hat in the photo above. I kid you not I looked at that photo almost every day leading up to his shoot. It made me smile because he's just so darn cute.
This is Jack's debonair look. I feel like he's saying "Why hello ladies" and saying it quite effectively.

After hanging out at home, we rolled to a nearby park and found a little patch of shade. By this point, Jack was getting a little tired. I didn't blame him. We had a big morning and he was such a trooper. So he hung out with his mom for a bit...

And then he was done. He and his mama went home, but not before I snapped this last pic.
Thanks so much Jack and Kathleen. I loved our morning together. Hope to do it again soon.


Alexis said...

Those last two pictures made me cry. What a cutie! And you did such a great job of capturing some of the most precious faces and moments.

Lacey said...

O. M. G.

If my kids are even half as cute as Jack, I'll be happy.

I could seriously look at those pics all day long.

Keep up the good work! So excited you got your camera!

kelsalynn said...

Why am I still looking??? I can't stop! These pictures honestly warm my heart- as completely cheesy as that sounds. I feel like I know this little guy after seeing your pictures of him. Words do not do this photo shoot justice. I feel like I say this every blog post, but this is seriously YOUR best yet!