May 23, 2010

A Photo Collection Unlike This Blog Has Ever Seen

I have featured countless photos other people on this blog. I thought today I might turn the tables on myself. I'm not in front of the camera often (I prefer hiding behind the lens) but I happened into a windfall of photos when I was home last weekend.

My mom handed me a stack of photos from various family events over the past few years that were mine to keep. It seems I can't escape her lens. And it also seems that her lens does not like me. I present to you a collection of ugly and embarrassing photos of me. Please keep in mind that I had to scan these pictures because my mom gave me hard copy prints so the quality isn't so great. Please also keep in mind that my mom thought these photos were print-worthy.

Up first, Christmas 2008:
I am in the top right corner of this photo, looking very uncertain of things - mom's camera? Dinner? My crazy nephew in front? Who knows.

March 2009:
My mom, sister and I went to a friend's play in Stockbridge when I was home that weekend. I apparently brought my fake smile and crazy eyes on the trip.

May 2009:
I stole my nephew's bike and took it for a joy ride. I am that kind of aunt. I actually love this picture. I only wish you could see my face and the child's helmet I'm wearing a bit better. The scan doesn't do it justice.

The next three photos are all from my friend Dorrie's wedding last September. I had a great time at this wedding, but these picture will lead you to believe otherwise.

Two things I feel I need to clarify: 1) I love Mike very much and do not think I was angry with him when this photo was taken and 2) I am not a mouth-breather.

We like to call ourselves the Selma Street gang. (Our hands are spelling the letter S in case you can't tell). According to the faces of the other members in this gang, our gang is nice and friendly. According to my face, I'll cut a bitch.

This last one is my favorite and it's a shame it didn't scan better. This photo was taken right after my solo violin performance was over. I was happy and relieved. Yet this photo captures a very different Amy. This Amy has a machine gun in her violin case and isn't afraid to use it.

These photos makes me question what my face looks like on an average day. I don't think I generally walk around with my mouth open, with a crazy smile plastered face and certainly not like I am plotting other people's demise. But with the high percentage of crazy looks my mom was able to capture with her camera I am second guessing that. So I guess what I'm saying is if I pass you on the street and I look mean or crazy, please know that's apparently just what my face looks like. It must run in the family.

This is my parents on New Years Eve this past year. I can't really tell what my dad's about to do here, but I'm guessing they had a pretty fun night.

I love you mom!


Wendy said...

Awesome post loved the pictures!!

Dorrie said...

HA! Those are the best! I'm glad you prefaced the pics from my wedding by saying you had a great time... I might not be so sure otherwise... =)

Laurie Peacock said...

You are so funny...and also too hard on yourself.