August 28, 2011

I Really Wanted To

So remember my plans to return to blogging this weekend? Well if writing this post on my phone while in bed on Sunday night counts, then I did it!

This weekend kicked my booty like last weekend. And I think the one before that too. I honestly have lost track.

But amid the cleaning, painting and several trips to the hardware store this weekend, I did manage to sleep in later than I have in a long time on Saturday. Mike and I also walked the dog on Saturday and picked up ice cream. And tonight, I finished the book I was reading while sitting on my back deck under a beautiful sky.

So I won't say this weekend was all work, but I am really hoping next weekend is a lot less work and a lot more back porch sitting.


Madre said...

Welcome to a glimps into our life for the past two years....and counting .... your Dad's car can auto pilot the 2 miles to Ward's Hardware and back (-:

JHaddad said...

I'm going to need to see some more action on this blog...