September 10, 2011


Moving has thrown a wrench into a lot of things. My blogging being one. As you all know, posting here has been sorely lacking as of late. But what's killing me most about that is that I have had all these great photo shoots with adorable, adorable children that I have not yet been able to share. I still want to blog all these shoots and hope that I'll also be able to blog all the great shoots I have coming up (which will also have a ton of cute kids). But in the meantime, it felt wrong to have all these awww-worthy photos just sitting on my hard drive. They had to be shared. So this post is nothing but gratuitous, cute kid photos.



I told you. Ca-uuuuuuuute kids. And I, of course, can't end this post without at least one gratuitous cute dog photo as well. The photo below was taken Labor Day weekend as Mike, Taylor and I hung out at the doggie beach on Saturday morning. My dog sure does love the beach. 
Doggie Beach Bum

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the kiddo is super cute, but, oh my God, your puppy! That is pure joy.