September 18, 2011

It Glows

I had a photo shoot yesterday, one that I am very excited to share, but just not yet.I've got a lot of pics to get through.

On my way home after the shoot from Grant Park back to the El, I walked by the famous Chicago Theater sign and since I had two cameras in hand, I had to take one out and a grab a few snaps.
DSC_2349w DSC_2345w DSC_2346w
Man is my city gorgeous. And I am realizing I really should try and photograph it more at night. It literally glows.

Oh and the shoot I am so excited to share is with the one and only Jack! Get ready. _DSC2886w

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Anonymous said...

Like postcards! So beautiful. Can't wait to see the Jack shots - he's so flipping cute and you always capture him so beautifully.