November 14, 2010

Jack is Back

It really doesn't get much better than this: A warm fall day, yellow and red leaves on the trees, a soft setting sun and the cutest little boy that ever did live. That is right Jack (JACK!) is back, and is as cute as ever. See for yourself.
Jack 1
jack 2
Jack 3
Jack 4
Jack 22
Jack 7
Jack 6
Jack 21
Jack 5
Jack 8
Jack 10
Jack 9
Jack 13
Jack 12
Jack 11
Jack 14
Jack 15
jack 16
Jack is a huge fan of Cheerios, so I'm pleased they made an appearance in the photos. In true Jack form, he was full of smiles, even with a mouthful of Cheerios.
Jack 17
Jack 18
Jack 19
Jack 20
Like said, it doesn't get much better than that.

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