September 19, 2006

Time is Money

Today’s lesson is one of time and economics.

It takes 13 minutes to get from my office to home (after rush hour) by cab. I know this because for the first time since I started work at my firm, I took advantage of the free-cab-ride-home-after-7 p.m. service.

On the contrary, it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for me to get home by bus. I know this because I have taken the bus every other day to and from work.

The cab ride home from work costs about $11 + tip. The bus ride costs about $1 per ride thanks to my unlimited monthly CTA pass.

I will continue taking the bus daily.


Anonymous said...

So I was in Chicago for the first time ever. I know Im almost 28 its pathetic. My friends and I were doing a road trip and when that tidbit became known an immdiate course change was completed. Anywho I am walking the street of Chicago and I am fully expecting to run into you because wherever I go I run into someone I know. Its kind of eerie actually. So I am walking down the street guess who i see getting into a cab? Some old guy. Did not see you at all. Turns out CHicago is a pretty big place. I also went to the cheesecake factory. It was yummy.

masterfiddle said...

Hi Amy,
I have tuned into your blog for the last few months and really enjoy your lessons! I have never been to Chicago, but from your description it sounds like a fun place to live. I live in Eugene, Oregon which is very nice as well, though fairly small.

For reasons which you can read on my blog, I will have to get used to riding the bus more as well! Thanks for your great posts!