February 7, 2007

Highway to the Danger Zone

This past weekend I had two friends, Jenny and David, in town that I’ve know for years. They were among the first houseguests I’ve had since moving into my new apartment. I’ve learned a lot from them over the years, and this weekend was no exception.

From Jenny, I learned that Kenny Loggins is an even worse lyricist than I thought. Apparently his 80s hit “Danger Zone” goes a little something like this: “Highway to the Danger Zone. Gonna take you right in to the danger zone.” This was proved after David and I made fun of Jenny. We both thought the lyrics were “I Went to the Danger Zone. Gonna take a ride in to the Danger Zone.” Lyrics007.com proved Dave and me wrong. Jenny basked in her small victory all weekend.

David, I found, has the knowledge of some things celebrity, especially when it comes to their names. Among the tidbits I learned from David were:
- Muhammad Ali’s real name (Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr)
- Cary Grant’s real name (Archibald Alexander Leach)
- The meaning behind the phrase “The Real McCoy”

Collectively from them, I learned that no game of Scrabble can ever be played well when the first two words laid are “jot’ and “pot.”

However, what I mostly learned from Jenny and David is that true friendships don’t have to exist in the same city or even state. They’re forged over years of shared laughter and memories. With that kind of foundation, weekend visits are really just icing on the cake.

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Anonymous said...

So true Amy! (yet another reason why I can't wait to come visit you!)... ~Kelsa