April 8, 2007

Back in the U.S.A.

For those of you concerned with my return from my trip to Honduras, fret no more. I’m back. And I can say I’m more rested and relaxed than I was when my plane departed for Tegucigalpa last Saturday. It was an amazing vacation - one which I’ll be replaying in my head for weeks to come.

I’ll also be telling my tales of Sara, Kristin and my road trip across the country - when or in what way I’m not quite sure yet. There’s so much to share. I’m still trying to sort it out in my head before I put it here for you all to read. But I am excited to relay my stories and photos. And thanks to my attendance tonight at a reading by my favorite author, David Sedaris, I’ve got a bit of a writing bug right now. That’s not to say that the beast that is a workload left unattended for a week won’t get in the way, but I’ll try my best not to let work stress affect my writing plans too significantly. This trip was too memorable not to share with anyone who is willing to listen.

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