June 17, 2007

Red Marks the Spot

The other day on my lunch hour, Maggie, a co-worker of mine, revealed one of her irrational fears. As a seagull flew by us she said she feared one day that she’ll accidentally hit the red spot on a seagull.


Because they will regurgitate on you.


She went on to explain that baby seagulls know to hit the red spot on the beak of the seagull and when they do, it signals for the mother to regurgitate up dinner.

Having never heard such a thing, I did a little research. And it’s true – at least for the Western Gull.

Who knew? Maggie, that’s who knew.

1 comment:

kelsalynn said...

I'm always looking for some useless information that I can know before Michael... it's rare, because he is able to store a lot of crap in that brain of his, but by golly, this might be it! I can't wait to quiz him!!