July 7, 2007

The Search Is On

Amenities not in my current apartment:
- Airconditioning
- Cable
- Windows that fully close
- Dishwasher
- Washer and dryer
- Internet

What I have in their place:
- A fan
- Tin foil which allows me to get basic channels
- Blankets (to stuff in my windows during the winter months)
- Liquid soap, a scrub brush and my hands
- Two of the three washers and dryers in the scary basement of my building (the other ones do not work)
- A stolen wireless signal (which I haven't connected to in three months)

It is my hope that with a new aprtment I will be able to get a little more than I currently have. However, I'm finding that I can't get as much bang for my buck as originally thought. I am apartment hunting today in 90 degree heat. I hope to find something suitable, however I know no matter what happens I will be returning to my unairconditioned home.

1 comment:

kelsalynn said...

You will find something and I think you've waited long enough to have those amenities, even if you have to pay a slightly higher price for them. Good luck with your search!