March 4, 2008

Stuck in a Rut

I am a little over half way through my Shamrock Shuffle training guide. Training for this 5 mile race began Feb. 4 and the race will take place March 30. Like the last time I ran the Shuffle, I am using Hal Higdeon's training guide. It calls for running at least two miles three times a week.

Last week, I ran no times. None.

I am having issues training for this race. I have found every excuse to deviate from my training schedule: work, the weather, filing my taxes, or as with tonight, forgetting my sports bra.

I told myself this was the week I was going to refocus my efforts and really put my best foot forward to accomplish my training goals. This morning I packed my running gear, took the 6 p.m. Metra so I could get to the gym, run a few miles and then get back to the train in time to catch the 7:35 Metra home. However, when I got to the gym, my sports bra was not in my bag. Since I am not the type of girl who can run without the aid of a sports bra (or two), the only exercise I got was walking to the train and back. That hardly qualifies as a two mile run.

But even if I had been able to run at the gym as planned, I question how good it would have been. As I was walking up to the gym, inside the wall-sized windows I could see hoards of twenty somethings crowding every available treadmill. Getting in step with the bouncing mass didn't exactly inspire me to want to jog a mile or two.

That's another thing I'm using as an excuse for my poor training. I simply hate running on treadmills. When I trained for the shuffle the first time, the majority of my runs were on the treadmill. But when it came close to the race day, I hit the pavement, and it was so much harder. I had to become accustomed to propelling myself forward instead of letting the treadmill do the work. But then I got used to it, and now I prefer it. The last time I did manage to go outside and run, I completed an easy three mile jog. The time before that I struggled to run two miles on a treadmill.

I just can't seem to get in the groove. I know I don't love running. I just tolerate it better some days than others. But I've also ran enough now to know that it really is the best kind of cardio workout there is. I can't imagine finding a good substitute. But I also can't imagine this winter ever ending which means my outdoor runs are too far away to make them a viable option for my Shuffle training. For now, that means I have no other option but to continue my trek to and from the gym, and from here on out I'll try my best to bring sports bras.

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kelsalynn said...

Just set your eye on the race and don't worry about anything except getting in shape and feeling ready for that. Tell yourself that your goal is to enjoy the race, even if you don't enjoy preparing for it.

We all get into ruts, don't beat yourself up over it girl!