May 6, 2008

The Numbers Game

For some perspective of my life since my last post, here are some numbers for you to crunch:
23 - days since my last post
22 - days I have felt guilty about not posting since
236.7 - hours I worked in the month of April
3 - hours I have stayed at work the past two nights "just in case" things came up
0 - number of things that came up
0 - number of people who called to let me know nothing was coming up
20 - years my firm has been in business
800 - dollars I received in the form of a bonus for contributing to my firm's 20-year history
1 - 5Ks I signed up for but did not run
2 - homeless people I saw in my alley drinking beer at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning
4 - number of catnip mice I found under my fridge Sunday night
2 - minutes it took Oscar to bat one back under the fridge
15,968 - dollars of income the government claims I made in 2006 that I did not make
1,500 - taxes I owe on said fake income
untold - hours it will take me to get this all figured out
2 - magazines I have received recently (I think my mail's back!)
1 - number of belly dancing performances where I was front and center
6 - days until I leave for Morocco!
0 - number of posts I will likely pen before then
many - number of posts I plan to pen after
Sorry I have kept you in the dark for so long. I'll be back some time late May. Take care until then.


kelsalynn said...

What the hell is up with the tax situation? You have the worst luck when it comes to your taxes...What's their deal and why are they picking on my friend Amy????

I'm sorry you've been working so much, but just think, a few short days and you'll be in Morocco! How awesome is that???? Have a wonderful trip!

Eulalie said...

Well written article.