June 8, 2008

Cycling Craze

So I went to Morocco. But no, this is not a post about Morocco. I have done what I always do with travel posts. I've made it too much in my mind. I can't think of how to say everything I want to say and sort my photos and share everything I want to share, so I've done nothing. Well not nothing. I have been doing things as of late besides stewing over how to share Morocco with the good people of the Internet.

I got a bike last weekend. Actually Mike and I both got bikes, and in the matter of four days we became people who bike. We even biked this weekend. Mike and I decided go camping in Rockford, Ill. this weekend, despite a weather forecast that said it would be anything but pleastant: a high in the upper 80s with high humidity, windy mid day and a chance of thunderstorms during the day and over night. Sadly, the weather channel was right on with its predictions. Mike tried fishing mid day, but it was too windy. We built three fires - the first two got rained out. We purchased a tent fan because as promised it was very humid. We finally called it quits when a DNR officer came by our tent this morning to inform us there had been a car break-in and theft overnight. After giving him statements about the unruly teens camping next to us the previous night, we threw up our hands in surrender and started breaking down camp... right about when the fifth round of showers started moving in. But we at least got in a quick bike ride in the previous night, so I guess even with all the rain, the weekend wasn't a total wash.

But about those Morocco photos and stories.... I'll get to them. I promise. And I think in the interest of actually getting them up, I'll probably just upload photos and keep the descriptions short. The photos pretty much speak for themselves any way. It was a great trip, full of beautiful scenery that I hope to share with you all sooner rather than later.

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