April 24, 2010

Kiddos, Part 2

This was the second shoot of my double shoot weekend. And what a difference a day made. While I was contending with a harsh midday sun on Saturday, Sunday was a photographic dream. It was overcast but with this beautiful, soft light. It worked wonders on my subjects, not that they needed much help.

I really love this session. I'll let their photos do the rest of the talking.

So long Addison. Hope to see you again soon.

In other photo news, I got a new camera!! Well I don't physically have it in my eager hands yet, but I really hope I will by the end of the week. It's fancy, and while not technically a professional grade camera, any upgraded camera I get after this will be. It's that good. I have never been so excited to receive something in the mail.

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kelsalynn said...

I see what you mean by not posing people- I absolutely LOVE the photo of the family where they're sitting (it's B&W), the dad is holding onto the girl and the mom is looking over his arm. I absolutely love it! And the other B&W one with the 3 of them is amazing too. And the one w/ her sitting with all the black squares- very intriguing! I absolutely LOVE these photos Amy. One of your best, in my opinion!