December 4, 2010

This One Is For Aunt Janet

My Aunt Janet has told me she loves when I post pictures of Chicago on this blog. She is after all a big part of the reason I live here now. My Aunt Janet lived in the Chicago suburbs when I was younger, and whenever my mom asked what I wanted to do for my birthday I would always answer "Go see Aunt Janet in Chicago." As a result I fell in love with this city at a young age and vowed to move here one day.

I am here now, and I love this city - my city - just as much as I did as a middle school girl. I love it so much that on Sundays when I have nothing planned, I'll wander its' streets and document it with my camera.

Never Too Cold


kelsalynn said...

I'm cold just looking at these pics of Chicago!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Love it!

Kristin B said...

I love these pics Amy. Just love them. This is exactly as I think of Chicago, the mood, the buildings, the "solidness", the water, the art and people giving it all movement and vibrancy. I am especially loving those native grass shots, ooooh, will I be able to find those on your "for purchase" site??

Wendy said...

I love it!! It makes me miss Chicago so much!!