March 20, 2011

Touristy Stuff in NOLA

Mike and I stayed right in the heart of the French Quarter when we were in New Orleans. Our hotel wasn't too far from two of the city's biggest attractions - St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Park. Both were worth photo-worthy and luckily in very close proximity of one another.

St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest continuously operating church in the United States. The first church on the site was built in 1718; the third, built in 1789, was raised to cathedral rank in 1793. The cathedral was expanded and largely rebuilt in 1850, with little of the 1789 structure remaining. Also, it is beautiful, day and night.

St. Louis Cathedral sits right next to Jackson Square, also called the Plaza de Armas, so the view of the church from the park is a great one, although the square itself also is pretty beautiful.

Not too far from the Cathedral and the square is Cafe du Monde, a New Orleans institution, famous for is Cafe au Lait and bignets. Holy mother of God it is a good thing I don't live anywhere near this place. I would eat bignets every single day of my life. If I could I would eat a whole plate of them right now. As you'll see below I have a bit of a bignet problem.

I don't want to necessarily say the next thing we did was touristy, but several people did ask me when I got home if we went to the lower ninth ward. And we did. I hadn't been before so it's not like I had much to compare it to. The devastation was very apparent and certainly lingering, but it wasn't everywhere. We would see a home that was boarded up and caving in right next to a well kept home with a manicured lawn.

But it was easy to forget about the parts of the city that looks like that, when we were surrounded by the parts of the city that look like this.
I've still got a little bit more to share from my NOLA trip. And yes, I am saving the best for last.

Also, I know I haven't blogged about it for a while, but I assure you I am still doing my 365 project. You can find my entire set here.

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