July 4, 2011


Up until Thursday, I had no idea what this weekend's plans held for Mike and I. We were debating whether or not to go back to Michigan, but in the end decided given work schedules and the crazy holiday traffic, it would be a better idea to postpone Michigan for another weekend. Instead we stayed here, and let the weekend's plans kind of fall into place. And they did quite nicely if I do say so myself.

I started my weekend by getting drinks with my coworkers at a great outdoor cafe downtown. Mike and I met up with friends on Saturday night to catch a movie (and drinks) with friends. On Sunday, we ventured out to the suburbs with a different set of friends to watch an Abba cover band at an outdoor amphitheater on an absolutely gorgeous night. Mike, Taylor and I also spent a significant amount of time playing on the lake shore. It seemed like the weekend couldn't get any better. But then Mike and I made a delicious all American meal today and took a walk tonight to our local park with the pup. We stayed for a bit and caught the fireworks below.

I set out with a to do list at the start of the weekend that contained all the things I planned to do since we were staying home. I didn't get almost any of them done. But I have to say, our weekend turned out being so much better than anything I could have planned in the first place.

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JHaddad said...

I am still struggling with harboring bitter feelings because you didn't come home, but since you had a good weekend, I will forgive. As I always say, don't go chasing waterfalls.