November 3, 2012


I thought that once the wedding was over, I'd have so much time I wouldn't know what to do with myself. That has not been the case. As is the year of 2012, these past two months have flown by. Hence, no posting since early September. But all these wonderful things have happened since then. Great wonderful things that all deserve posts of their own. Some several.

Like getting married.

 Like going to Panama for my honeymoon.

Like how we Dog Shamed Taylor for eating a present we brought back for some friends. 

Like this photo shoot on one of the most gorgeous fall weekends I can remember.

Like redecorating this bedroom and getting a new king size bed.

Like our sweet old cat Itchy who sadly passed away right before the wedding.

Like how cute my dog is.

Ok, that last one not so much. I've talked about that a lot, so maybe it doesn't warrant it's own post, but he's too cute to not post a picture.

So anyway, a lot going on in these parts right now and in the months to come. Here's hoping I get back to posting some more things here before the New Year. 

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