January 13, 2013


For about two weeks, Mike and I opened up our home to a foster dog - a 40 lb, black lab pittie mix whom we named Eve.
It was an adventure having her in our house. Mike and I have always thought of Taylor as a very high energy dog, but he was no match for Eve's one year old activity level. She spent a lot of time in our house wrestling with Taylor and biting his neck fluff. Luckily he didn't mind too much.
And when she wasn't wrestling with Taylor she was curled up next to Mike or I. Eve was a champion snuggler. And I will never understand exactly how she could stretch her small frame to take over our entire king size bed but she managed to every single night.
It was bittersweet to say good bye to Eve. We brought her into our home not knowing anything about her. By the time she left I felt like we knew her and came to appreciate a lot of her little quirks. No, I probably will not miss her hogging the bed, but there are a lot of things I will.
 It's a strange thing to foster a dog. You love them, you nurse them back to health and then once you start to understand and get them comfortable with living in a home and being around people you send them off to live with someone else. Ultimately though, i can't help but feel anything but happy that we were able to get her out of a shelter and into a home. I really hope she's enjoying her second night with her new family.We realy enjoyed having her be part of ours for a little while.

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JHaddad said...

Eve's face in that last photo is the most precious thing. And her face in all of the photos, really.