October 16, 2006

Watch Out Jessica Alba

Today I learned that my face is an oval/oblong shape. I always thought it was round. Looking at pictures of me sometimes, all I can see is my big round face staring back at me. However, little did I know it was more of an oblong face staring back at me all these years.

There is a reason this information became important to me today. I’m thinking of cutting my hair and decided to do some Internet surfing for a style that might suit me. It was not until I ran across and article titled “Is Your Hair Making You Look Fat?” that I decided to do a little digging. According to the article, if your hair style is uncomplimentary to the shape of your face, it can give the appearance of added weight. And here I thought horizontal stripes were my enemy.

I found this Web site that tells you how to measure your face to determine its shape. I got out my measuring tape expecting to find that my face was round - that is having roughly the same length as width. I was a little surprised to find my face was about 7 inches long by 4 3/4 inches wide. AKA, not round.

Consulting the page, I found that an oval face is roughly 1.5 times as long as it is wide. I did the math and figured I’m actually more of an oval shape. Of course the description of an oblong face is that it is longer than it is wide, so I guess I’m both. I have an oblongy-oval face.

Reading on I found this about my face shape:

“This is the most versatile face. You can pull off almost any look -- short, long, straight or wavy. No matter the length of your cut, you'll look best with layers near your cheekbones, lips or chin -- basically whatever feature you want to highlight. Celebs who share your face shape: Think Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Jada Pinkett Smith.”

This was good news. I have a face shape that should work with almost any haircut. The bad news, however, was that I spent about 30 minutes determining it didn’t matter what kind of haircut I got, but being no closer to deciding what to do with my hair.

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