December 31, 2006

Not On the Road Again

As I may have mentioned, I spent this past month going from Chicago to Michigan, back to Chicago, then back to Michigan, only to return to Chicago to return to Michigan again. It has been a month of planes, trains, automobiles, subways and busses. I now am back in Chicago and plan to stay here for quite a while. I used to think having a job in which traveling was a requirement sounded like fun, but over this past month I learned I hope to never have a job like that. It just takes too much out of me.

This past week I've done a lot of bonding with my couch, catching up on laundry and restocking my fridge which previously only had lettuce, Nutella and soy sauce. Saturday though, I did some major cleaning and took down my Christmas decorations. After three hours of vaccuuming, folding laundry, doing dishes and dusting, I sat down on my bed and surveyed my apartment. It felt good to sit and be in my own place and be without any travel plans in the near future.

It occurred to me that most of you have not seen my aparment, so I've attached a few pics below to give you a feel for my pad. They were taken with my cell phone, so I apologize if the quality isn't the greatest.

This is my living room. There are two French doors which stay open all the time. To the left of my living room is my kitchen. It's ghetto fabulous and not really worthy of a photo.

This is part of the main room of my apartment. As you can see, this is my desk (with my dying plant just to the right of it - more on that later.) Just beyond the French door to the left is my living room.

To the right of my desk (note the dying plant again) is my dresser which faces my bed. I was standing in the entryway when I took this photo.

This is my bed (taken from the entryway of the French doors). Just beyond my bed is a wall of windows with a Juliette balcony. I can step out onto it, but it's not large enough to put a chair or anything out there. You can see to the right of my bed in the photo is a doorway which leads to my closet and bathroom (again - not worthy of a photo).

So that's it. That's my home. Let me know when you'd like to see it in person. I should be around. I'm certainly not going anywhere for a while.

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